Windshield Replacements

For most domestic and import vehicles

Windshield Repairs

A quick and cost-effective alternative to replacement

Door/Other Glass Repairs

Including vent glass, quarter glass, back glass and side view mirrors


Windshields and their integrity are necessary for both the design and safety of your vehicle. In the future, they will continue to be fabricated with stronger, thinner and more lightweight material, as well as be outfitted with features such as rain sensors and communication interfaces. That is why it is important to have your windshield installed by proper professionals like Precision Auto Glass.

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Sometimes a windshield repair is a better alternative for a customer than a full replacement; however, it also needs to be acted upon as soon as possible as it can compromise the driver’s line of sight and the structural integrity of the vehicle. Chips or cracks under six inches typically can be repaired, but it is also important to remember that the chip will not completely disappear – it varies depending on damage itself.

The size, age, location, and severity of the crack play into determining whether the windshield has the ability to be repaired or will require replacement. Contact us today and we can help you figure out your options.


Although the glass in your vehicle looks the same as any other glass, it functions very differently. The tempered glass used for your side and back windows are designed to maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle through a heating and rapid cooling process to strengthen the glass’ outer surface and core. Furthermore, it is designed with your safety in mind, as it shatters into many of small pieces rather than large shards in the event of an accident.

To ensure that you get top quality replacement glass, for the safety of you and your passengers, contact Precision Auto Glass today.

Why Choose Us

Like many other components of your vehicle, windshields need to be in good and proper condition to avoid potentially dangerous situations. When left compromised by chips or cracks, windshields will continue to weaken due to spreading from the impacted area. Precision Auto Glass uses heavy-duty and rapid curing adhesives to get you on your way while maintaining safety as our top priority.

What Clients Say

Outstanding workmanship and careful attention to details. Both Marty & Steve were very professional and courteous. Increasingly rare these days to receive such exceptional service!
Bob F.
Great service,great price and was very professional. Came to my house on time as per schedule. I will recommend him to my friends and family.
Nicholas M.
Used the mobile service, very convenient. Defective glass (manufacturer’s fault) replaced under warranty with a smile! Great service! Definitely would recommend!
Helen W.